Новини Центру

Hrytsyna O., Kondrat V. Local Gradient Theory for Dielectrics: Fundamentals and Applications. Jenny Stanford Publishing, 1st Edition, 2020, 330 р.

This book starts with a brief description of the known approaches to the construction of generalized (integral- and gradient-type) continu um theories of dielectrics. It describes a new continuum-thermodynamic approach for constructing nonlinear, local gradient theory of thermoelastic, non-ferromagnetic, polarized media. The approach considers non-diffusive and non-convective mass fluxes associated with changes in material microstructure. Within the linear approximation, the theory has been applied to study the transition modes of the formation of near-surface inhomogeneity of coupled fields in solids, disjoining pressure in thin films, etc. The theory describes a number of observable phenomena, including the surface, size, piez oelectric, pyroelectric, and thermopolarization effects in centrosymmetric crystals; the Mead ’ s anomaly; and the high-frequency dispersion of elastic waves, that cannot be explained within the classical theory of dielectrics.